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    I'm not certain what happened to Spring here but I think it may have been here but we missed it......yesterday little snow flakes were appearing and in a couple days its going to be in the 70s.  What's up with that???

    But even though we're all anxious for the weather to turn nice so we can begin planting our flowers, vegetables gardens and clean our ponds, we have begun sending allot of nice plants to those who have the warm weather.  Lucky them! 

    Dragonfly Aquatics has a couple new hardy water lilies to introduce.  Hidden Violet which is a very unusual waterlily.  Large red-violet flowers with pointed petals that catch the eye.  The leaves are a darker green which gives a nice contrast to the flowers.  It requires full sun as most of the red hardy waterlilies do and performs well. 

    The other new water lily is Walter Pagels, a very creamy white hardy water lily with with a hint of pale pink.  This water lily is considered a medium hardy water lily and is an excellent choice for small to medium size ponds.  Unlike the red water lilies it will perform well in sun to part shade.  It also is one of the water lilies that will stay open later in the day for more enjoyment.

    'Aurora'  hardy water lily is an ideal smaller water lily for tub, containers or small ponds.  This is also a great small lily to put into a stream or bog area as long as there isn't splashing of water.    Attractive purplish and green leaves give this lily a stunning look.  The buds appear cream colored and open to yellow flowers, then turn through colors ending in red.  This transformation takes place over several days so a number of different colors may be seen at the same time.  A truly remarkable water lily.   Place the lily 12-18 inches below the water surface.  It will spread approximately 12-24 inches.

    Propagation:  By division of the established crowns during the growing season.  You can replant them right away in their own container and grow more plants.

    Buy Aurora, Hardy Water Lily here.


    Picture of customer's pond.  Thank you for sharing.  The plants shown were purchased from Dragonfly Aquatics. Some of the plants shown are Water Hyacinths, Four Leaf Clover, Water Celery, Cardinal Flower, Water Lettuce and Denver Water Lily in this picture.

    The Barbara Dobbins is a popular hardy water lily.  Peach from pale yellow with a deeper pink blush.  A truly outstanding lily.  Its goblet shaped blooms are about 4-8 inches and has mottled leaves.  It will grow to 6-8 feet wide in full sun.  It should be planted in 6-24 inches of water and is a good choice for a medium to large pond.

    The hardy water lily is considered one of the favorites among the red hardy lilies.  It is a deep crimson color with leaves that are large, rounded and plain green.  It can produce flowers up to 12 inches across but usually are about 8 inches inches and is fragrant.

    Give it plenty of room to grow so it will spread in your pond giving you more blooms.  Depth can be 24-48 inches deep situated in full sun.  Has a Marliac-type rhizome.  Good for medium to large size ponds.

    Buy Aflame, Hardy Red Water Lily here.

    A stunning peach waterlily that is a favorite.  It changes during the blooming season, first opening in the spring a yellow with pink and then changing to a smoked salmon color in the summer.  It has cactus-shaped blooms that will get 4-6 inches.  The new leaves on this lily open mottled with burgundy, and then maturing to a green color.  It will grow in full sun to part shade in 6-36 inches of water.  Tuberosa type rhizome.  Strawn, 1994.

    A good choice for medium size ponds.

    James Brydon'  a popular hardy waterlily is one of my favorites.  Its unique peony-shaped blooms are a rich deep red color that grow 4-6 inches and has a spread of about 4-12 feet wide in full sun to part shade.  Its leaves open a burgundy color but change to  a medium shade of green.  Depth can be 6 - 48 inches.  It is one of the red hardy waterlilies that can tolerate more shade than the others.   Its a good choice lily for any pond small to large. 

    Buy James Brydon, hardy water lily here.