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Preparing for winter…..tropical waterlilies

We all enjoy the tropical waterlilies with their brilliant colors and large blooms but when the season ends and the water temps start to drop we wonder what we can do with them to winter them over.  Here’s a couple suggestions that may be successful in wintering over your tropical lilies.  TROPICAL WATER LILIES Tropical […]

Albert Greenberg Tropical Waterlily

So check this out.  This is the Albert Greenberg, tropical waterlily growing in my pond at home.  The first picture was taken late June and the other late July.  The same lily but notice the deeper color of the second one.  Both pictures were taken with the same camera, the same way.  The second picture […]

Green Smoke Water Lily

This is one of our favorites!  The ‘Green Smoke’ tropical water lily is an outstanding color of chartreuse with smoky blue tips.  Its leaves are lightly speckled, bronze-green and the blooms of the ‘Green Smoke’ are 6-8 inches held high above the water that are platter shaped.It will spread 5-6 feet on the water surface.  […]

Planting Tropical Lilies

I spent the day taking pictures of planting a tropical lily from our greenhouse to demonstrate how easily this can be done.  Start with a nice size pot.  I used a 16″x7″ small lotus/lily container.  The first picture is an example of one of our lilies that you would receive on your order.  It’s considered a […]

Red Flare Night Blooming Lily

This Red Flare tropical night blooming lily was taken in my sister’s pond. One of the best all around night blooming lilies.  A deep red off set with reddish foliage.  Its blooms range between 6-10 inches and the leaves spread about 6′.  Good for medium to large water gardens.  It produces a lot of blooms […]