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    Find your Hardiness Zone...

    Tadpoles Pond Frogs

    Watch tadpoles turn into frogs. Our tadpoles are leopard frogs or bullfrogs. Please don't order tadpoles if your weather is really hot.  That would be temps 85 and above. They don't ship well in extremely hot weather and we can't guarantee live arrival. Tadpoles feed on algae & mosquito larvae in the pond. Frogs will eat insects around your pond.

    Cannot ship to Arizona, Pennsylvania, Utah or Washington.

    SOLD OUT FOR 2021!!

    Please note: Minimum order is 12. All tadpole orders will incur an Expedited Shipping Charge of $35.00.

    Buy 12 or more for $6.99/ea.
    Buy 25 or more for $4.99/ea.
    Buy 50 or more for $3.99/ea.
    Buy 100 or more for $2.59/ea.
    Buy 200 or more for $1.99/ea.

    Tadpoles will ship out the following weeks in 2021.

    • Week of May 3rd
    • Week of May 10th

    Note: In most cases, your plant order will ship with your tadpoles. If you choose "ship by hardiness zone" we will ship your plants and tadpoles according to your hardiness zone.

    Note: To view pricing and if available for shipment
    where you live please enter your zipcode.

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