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Testimonials From Dragonfly Aquatics’ Customers

At Dragonfly Aquatics our goal is to make every customer thrilled with their order! We do this by providing beautiful, healthy pond plants and water garden supplies at a very reasonable price. Sure, we’re not perfect, but we think our list of over 5,000 customers speaks volumes about the service and attention we give to each and every order.

Here’s a small sampling of the many notes and messages that we’ve received from very satisfied customers…people we call friends.

I received my plants today. They are beautiful. I will refer your company to my friends. Thank you very much.
Rose / Freeport, IL
Thank you so much for the wonderful quality plants. I called my mom today and she said the plants arrived in great condition, much larger and more leafed out then i expected. Couldn’t be happier and neither could she. If i ever need more pond plants i will be sure to come to you.
I just wanted to thank you for the great service. My fish love the plants.
Mary Ann / Lakeland, FL
I loved all of my plants and tadpoles. I will definitely be ordering from you again.
We’d be most happy to recommend Dragonfly Aquatics to anyone wanting to build or maintain their water features. From pond supplies, to plants, to our very happy snails, we’ve been very pleased with your products, and your service.
ust received my water garden plants and snails and all I can say is WOW. I have had water gardens for over twenty years in many different areas of the Country. Purchased from top quality companies and their plants cannot compare to the quality you shipped to me. Thank you so very much for the service and speed in expediting my order. You are at the top of my list for my water garden essentials.
They got to me safe and sound and in time for the set up I had to do for a dinner party. You were great to work with / talk with on the phone. I really appreciated getting a product that was in good shape and got to me in a timely manner ( especially with perishable and fragile things like the water lettuce.) Hope to do business with you again.
Maryanne / Massachusetts
I received my order this morning. I just planted everything, put in the floating plants, and appreciating how lovely everything looks. The floating plants are a great size. I’m sure all of the others with catch up in no time. Thank you for a great first order!
My plants arrived the very next day .Thank you so much for such a prompt reply at such a busy time of year .Again the plants are beautiful and very healthy.Have a great Summer!
My plants arrived the very next day. Thank you so much for such a prompt reply at such a busy time of year. Again the plants are beautiful and very healthy. Have a great Summer!
I’ve planted all the plants in my bog filter & they are doing great. I’m glad I found your website!
I just wanted to let you know that I am thoroughly impressed with the floating pond plants that were delivered yesterday. I have been buying floating plants every spring for the past 11 years and yours are the healthiest I have seen for such an affordable price.
Gratefully yours,
Your newest customer,
The plants arrived looking great! Thanks so much.
I called to find out if it was too late in the season to ship water lotus……they said could ship through mid June. Ordered that day and two days later (even though I requested only ground shipment), I received my two lotus. Both plants were large, healthy tubers with two to three growing points. She said I should float them in my pond for a few days…even a couple of weeks. It has been so hot down here that two weeks later, I still haven’t potted them, and they each have several leaves!! What a professional company! Recommend highly. Thanks for the beautiful plants and service.
Had to tell you how thrilled I am with my fish that arrived yesterday. The colors are beautiful and all are healthy and vigorous. The Shubunkins are especially gorgeous. You can’t find any this nice around my area. Thank You!
I just wanted to say, the plants(floating and bog) you shipped me this season have done famously, they have been hailed on, survived a freaky cold snap, been blown over, they are taking a beating but are doing fantastic and I want people to know, they are awesome. If they can survive in CO and look good, then you are doing a great job.
Louree / Colorado
I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you. I am very pleased with the quality of the plants and the condition in which they arrived. I am also amazed at how quickly you sent them out. Wonderful service….such a rarity these days!
I’m really grateful to Dragonfly Aquatics for making this a really wonderful experience. One of the two lotuses I ordered unfortunately was not taking, and Barb’s response was fantastic. She quickly worked to resolve this, sending me a replacement lotus which is extremely healthy and will surely grace the garden with many beautiful leaves and flowers. I wish all businesses were this caring and responsive, and as a business owner, I really hope I can try to emulate that level of quality care.
Ed / Illinois
My order arrived Friday in perfect condition. Everything is exactly as I wanted and were in the water as of Friday night.I’m very pleased with your service and products. You can count on me whenever I need pond supplies.
I would like to thank you for the excellent service and the most beautiful, healthy plants, I am sure we shall remain good friends for many years to come.
Aho / Maine
Just wanted to say I got my plants and have planted them am very pleased and will try to pass on to people about you. Thanks again
I have to write to say thank you, I received my plants and snails today, and I love my stuff, Im very happy and will order again soon, I will tell ALL my friends and family, Im so happy and the packaging was great, and very healthy plants. Thank you so much!