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I almost can visualize the thawing of the ice…..even if its only 12 degrees this morning.  Today a heat wave, yesterday morning it was only 3 degrees.  But its February now so we can all start thinking about spring.  When the pond is frozen I always wonder what those little fish are doing under there.  There have […]

Fighting Algae as the Temperatures Fall

As water temperatures cool, algaecides such as PondCare Algaefix, Microbe-Lift Algaeway and Green Clean are less effective. Adding Microbe-Lift Barley Straw Extract or Barley Straw Bundle will help control string algae throughout the fall and winter months. Microbe-Lift Barley Straw Extract, Microbe-Lift Barley Straw Pellets or Barley Straw bundles are an effective and eco-friendly way […]

Summer Bliss

I thought we would share some pictures of ponds that I have taken over the summer.  Its interesting to see what can be done with a water garden. A water feature can become an artful addition to any landscape.  A water feature should complement and enhance the landscape, fitting into the surrounding scheme and placed […]

Pond Plants and Surviving the Unpredictable Spring Season

Ah! It’s finally Spring, or so we think. Mother Nature has a way of tricking even the most experienced water gardener. We finally have a week of warm temperatures, things are coming alive in our ponds. After months of rain, sleet, snow and ice we are all ecstatic. Armed with our pond gloves, waders and […]