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Variegated Cattail

Variegated cattail, Typha latifolia ‘Variegata’ is an attractive bog plant for any pond.  The variegation in this cattail is bold forming bright green and white longitudinal stripes.  The Variegated Cattail will grow to 5 feet tall in sun to part shade.  It requires moist soil or water to 12 inches deep.  It does well in Zones 4-11.  The Variegated […]

Dwarf Cattail (Typha laxmannii)

Another form of the cattail is the Dwarf Cattail or ‘Typha laxmannii’.  It is an ideal hardy bog plant for the smaller ponds and container gardens.  Its foliage is very narrow and has small catkins.  It will grow to only about 32-36 inches high and is hardy in Zones 3-10.  It will grow in sun […]