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Season changes

  I’m not certain of the identity of this butterfly.  I thought perhaps it was a male Eastern Tiger Swallowtail.    I’m really not certain, although it sure liked my dwarf crab-apple tree.  It came back day after day…..I’m thinking it was the same one. I know we don’t want to think about it but […]

Please – Don’t Drown Me

I’ve been wanting to write something on this subject for some time now. Finally, I have a bit of time to address the subject of water depth for bog plants and marginal plants. Simply put, bog plants like their “feet” wet. Translation….roots and soil moist at all times.  When the plants are first planted, this […]

Chameleon Plant (Houttuynia cordata variegeta)

The Chameleon Hardy Bog Plant is a variegated interesting plant.  The foliage is fragrant and single, small white flowers appear on it in the summer.  They look like single petaled roses.  The heart shaped leaves turn in the fall, as the weather turns cooler, into a dark maroon-purple color which is very striking.  It is a very rampant runner […]