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Where is my pond and the fish?   They are in complete darkness probably wondering what happened overnight since yesterday even some of the ice had melted away and I could see the fish. We just were blessed with 8 inches of snow overnight but who can complain when the East got so much more snow than […]

Dwarf Cattail (Typha laxmannii)

Another form of the cattail is the Dwarf Cattail or ‘Typha laxmannii’.  It is an ideal hardy bog plant for the smaller ponds and container gardens.  Its foliage is very narrow and has small catkins.  It will grow to only about 32-36 inches high and is hardy in Zones 3-10.  It will grow in sun […]

Dwarf Cattail (Typha minima)

Dwarf cattail are miniature cattails, a direct replica of the regular cattail, it is  best  for  smaller ponds or water containers.  They have dark grassy foliage and chunky, rounded, dark brown seed heads.  Dwarf cattail are not invasive.  They like moist soil to 2 inches of water in full sun.   They will grow to approximately […]