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What Happened to Spring…..

This is what some of us in the North woke up to this morning, and this was after some of it had melted.  What happened to those 50 and 60 degree days???  Hopefully they will be back again soon.  How can we get started cleaning our ponds and thinking putting those new plants in if the […]

Sensitive Plant

Sensitive Plant (Neptunia aquatica) is another floating plant that gets a tiny yellow flower on it.  Its foliage contracts at the slightest touch.  The flowers are yellow tufts that are about 1 inch wide and bloom throughout the summer on its running stems.  It does great just floating in your pond or you can plant […]

Water Hyacinth

     Water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes) are known for their lavender-blue flowers and round floating leaves.  They grow quickly in warm water.  They are a welcome addition to your water garden for their ability to filter out unwanted nutrients.  The flowers only last a day or two but are enjoyable and create a nice feature in […]