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Sensitive Plant

Sensitive Plant (Neptunia aquatica) is exactly like its name, sensitive to the touch and when touched its tiny leaves will contract.  Did you know that it resembles a dragonfly’s wings?  When glancing at the leaflets, you’ll notice they are growing on both sides of the petiole, and when touched resemble dragonfly wings.  During the growing season […]

What Happened to Spring…..

This is what some of us in the North woke up to this morning, and this was after some of it had melted.  What happened to those 50 and 60 degree days???  Hopefully they will be back again soon.  How can we get started cleaning our ponds and thinking putting those new plants in if the […]


Time to spring forward, or at least turn the clocks forward!  Things are beginning to warm up a bit here in the north and we are anxiously waiting for Spring to arrive so we can begin to add new plants to our ponds.  Another couple of months and we will be sitting back enjoying our ponds once again.  It […]

Creating a Balance

Its essential to achieve a natural ecological balance in your pond.  We can achieve this naturally with a few key steps.   Adding submerged plants play an important role in achieving success by removing excessive nutrients in the water and provide oxygen during the day for fish and other aquatic creatures.  The most important role is removing […]

Give Your Pond Plants a Boost

All plants thrive when given fertilizer.  Pond plants aren’t any different than our garden plants and flowers.  A little tip for your water hyacinths is to take them out of your pond and place them in a tub with water and miracle grow in it.  Leave them soak for awhile soaking up the fertilizing in […]

Floating Plants

     Water gardening is easy with floating plants.   Just place in the water and they drift effortlessly in your pond.  The roots of floating plants dangle down into the water where they draw nutrients for the plant’s growth.  Floating plants provide shade for your pond while creating a place for fish to hide under to […]

Water Lettuce

Water Lettuce (Pistia stratiotes), a floating plant that creates a natural filter in your pond while helping to combat algae and green water.  Water lettuce grows like a rosette from a single crown resembling a head of lettuce.  Each leaf may reach up to 12 inches in height and several inches wide and can reach 24 […]