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Busy Season

Well our busy season is upon us and we’re excited about the plants we’re sending.  We have several new pond plants this year.  A couple new lotus, waterlilies and bog plants.  Check them out at our store, www.dragonflyaquatics.com.  I often get questions about whether to use water lettuce or water hyacinths as floaters in the […]


   New this year for Dragonfly Aquatics and will be added to our store. A floating, rootless aquatic fern that floats just below the water surface producing a pair of floating or emergent leaves that are green in color and oblong in shape. They have a third leaf that is brown in color and dangles underwater […]

Continuing to prepare for winter…

HARDY LOTUS As the lotus leaves begin to turn brown, the lotus is beginning to go dormant for the winter. Do not cut off the leaves; allow them to die back naturally. After they die back at this point, it is safe to cut them off above the water line.  Its important to leave a […]

Sensitive Plant

Sensitive Plant (Neptunia aquatica) is exactly like its name, sensitive to the touch and when touched its tiny leaves will contract.  Did you know that it resembles a dragonfly’s wings?  When glancing at the leaflets, you’ll notice they are growing on both sides of the petiole, and when touched resemble dragonfly wings.  During the growing season […]

Floating Hearts

This is a picture of the floating hearts in my pond.  The floating heart is a water lily like plant that looks and grows much like a water lily.  The miniature size is ideal for small ponds and containers.   I planted mine right in my bog area anchored at the rocks edge.  It grows freely […]

Mosaic Plant

A mosaic plant is a very unique and unusually different marginal water plant that grows mostly as a submerged plant.  Its leaves grow from a central radius so that the foliage forms a mosaic like circle.  The leaves are green with red edges and stems.  The mosaic plant is a attractive plants that quickly provides water […]

Parrots Feather

A favorite floating pond plant for all pond owners.  Parrots Feather  has feathery bright green  foliage that floats out over the pond.  The leaves may be 3 inches or more in diameter and grows on long trailing stems.  It is hardy in Zones 6-11 and will grow in sun to part shade.    Parrots Feather will root and […]

Water Clover

Water Clover is a lucky charm of the pond.  Its delightful clover-shaped foliage floats over the ponds surface.  Water clover, a popular pond plant, is grown for its attractive foliage and easy care.  Grows in sun to part shade in moist soil or water to 4 inches deep.  It can reach 3-6 inches high with a running […]