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Busy Season

Well our busy season is upon us and we’re excited about the plants we’re sending.  We have several new pond plants this year.  A couple new lotus, waterlilies and bog plants.  Check them out at our store, www.dragonflyaquatics.com.  I often get questions about whether to use water lettuce or water hyacinths as floaters in the […]


   New this year for Dragonfly Aquatics and will be added to our store. A floating, rootless aquatic fern that floats just below the water surface producing a pair of floating or emergent leaves that are green in color and oblong in shape. They have a third leaf that is brown in color and dangles underwater […]

Summer Time Temperatures in April?

We had highs in the low to mid 80’s the last couple of days here in Ohio.  One week snow, the next unseasonably warm. Don’t want to get too used to it though, next week we will be back to the normal spring time temperatures. Normal here this time of year is mid 50’s to […]

Mosaic Plant

A mosaic plant is a very unique and unusually different marginal water plant that grows mostly as a submerged plant.  Its leaves grow from a central radius so that the foliage forms a mosaic like circle.  The leaves are green with red edges and stems.  The mosaic plant is a attractive plants that quickly provides water […]


Frogbit (Limnobium spongia) Clusters of heart-shaped leaves float on the water surface. This lovely little floating plant looks like a tiny waterlily.  It has small shaped leaves that are produced in neat rosettes and tiny white petalled flowers with yellow centers. Grows in sun to part shade with a running spread, reaching about 1/2 inch tall.  […]