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Season changes

  I’m not certain of the identity of this butterfly.  I thought perhaps it was a male Eastern Tiger Swallowtail.    I’m really not certain, although it sure liked my dwarf crab-apple tree.  It came back day after day…..I’m thinking it was the same one. I know we don’t want to think about it but […]

Please Don’t Drown Me

I thought I’d publish this article we wrote last year again.  When trying to get some of the bog plants started in your ponds its best to start them out slowly in the water, since most of them are swamp like plants.  They can tolerate a few inches above their pot once they are established […]

Flowering Rush (Butomus umbellatus)

Flowering Rush (Butomus umbellatus) has blossoms that are much more impressive than its foliage, small delicate rose pink flowers.  Graceful long green stems and atop a cluster of flowers.  The flower is about 5″ across ontop of 2′ to 4′ stems. Flowering Rush usually start to bloom toward the end of spring or early summer.  It […]