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Finally Flowers

This is the Cardinal Flower I brought home from the greenhouse this spring and wondered at the time if it would straighten up.  The Cardinal Flowers were all nice plants this year but some were growing slanted in their containers.  The one I had planted a couple years ago didn’t survive.  Now I know we […]

Pennywort ‘Hydrocotyle verticillata’

This plant is an excellent water plant for stream beds, bogs or edges of your pond.  It grows to about 6″-12″ high out of the water and is a fast grower.  It leaves are usually shiny and can be anywheres from 3 inches to only 1/2 inch in diameter.  This plant is useful in the […]

Dwarf Cattail (Typha minima)

Dwarf cattail are miniature cattails, a direct replica of the regular cattail, it is  best  for  smaller ponds or water containers.  They have dark grassy foliage and chunky, rounded, dark brown seed heads.  Dwarf cattail are not invasive.  They like moist soil to 2 inches of water in full sun.   They will grow to approximately […]