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Summer heat

This has been a hot summer so far. Its important if you have fish in your pond that you make sure the water isn’t too warm for them. As your water evaporates replenish with cool water. Your fish will be happy! The tropical waterlilies sure are blooming up a storm in my pond.     […]

a chill in the air…..

Woke up this morning with a chill in the air….gone for a few days are the 80 degree temps.  This is what we woke up to this morning. The leaves are even beginning to fall with the wind blowing.  I guess we all know what is in store for us for the next couple months. […]

Poor Lily Performance

As the weather warms up and we begin to assess what plants we want to add to our ponds this spring, make sure you check out your hardy water lilies to see if they are in need of re-potting. Adding Highland Rim Fertilizer tablets at this time is also a must do. Water lilies need to […]

Fall & Winter Care of Hardy Water Lilies

With the lower temperatures during the fall season, you will notice a decrease in water lily blooms and the lily pads turning yellow as the water temperatures cool. It is important at this time to remove the dead leaves and spent blooms to avoid having the debris in the pond over winter. As winter approaches […]

Oh No! It’s September!

I honestly love fall, but I am always sad to see the temperatures dropping and the flowers, plants and pond getting ready to go to sleep for several months. All is well at this point, lilies are still blooming, the impatiens I planted in the stream-bed are magnificent still, but sadly I know it will […]

Changeable Hardy Water Lilies

A hardy waterlily that will change from day to day. Some of the flowers will open with yellow blooms and change to red by the third day.  Others open light peach to apricot  on the first day and change to dark pinkish orange or dark peach by their third day.     The changeable waterlilies are suitable for the small to […]

Hardy Water Lilies

Most hardy waterlilies need at least six hours of direct sunlight in order to grow  and keep blooming.  However, there are some varieties that fair well in part shade. Many of the yellows,  peach/orange , changeable and some whites will perform with three to five hours of sun daily.   You need to keep lilies  away from waterfalls and moving sprays […]