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Please Don’t Drown Me

I thought I’d publish this article we wrote last year again.  When trying to get some of the bog plants started in your ponds its best to start them out slowly in the water, since most of them are swamp like plants.  They can tolerate a few inches above their pot once they are established […]

Water Hibiscus

Water hibiscus (Hibiscus moscheutos) sometimes called swamp mallow or swamp rose mallow is a medium size shrub that has stunning 10-12 inch flowers.  They range in colors from white to deep red.    This hibiscus is hardy to Zone 5 and up.  This hibiscus prefers moist soil or water up to 4 inches deep but will […]


Hummingbirds are primarily attracted to bright colors such as, red, orange and dark purple colors.  Tubular shaped flowers are among their favorites because of the amount of nectar they can hold.  While flower clusters also attract them, they don’t hold as much nectar and the hummingbird has to make more trips expending more energy to consume […]