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ice and more ice

Its ice everywhere…..but at least its February so its almost over.   I will say its a pretty site but I still prefer the green color over the white!  I look outside and imagine pictures like this…     The plants continue to grow nicely in the greenhouses and while standing in there you almost can […]

another year

    Well the holidays are over, the tree is down and all the holiday christmas decorations are put away.  I could probably leave my christmas tree up for months as I always miss it once its put away.  Its hard to imagine the room is exactly like it was a month ago because it […]

Season changes

  I’m not certain of the identity of this butterfly.  I thought perhaps it was a male Eastern Tiger Swallowtail.    I’m really not certain, although it sure liked my dwarf crab-apple tree.  It came back day after day…..I’m thinking it was the same one. I know we don’t want to think about it but […]

Spring Tease

Here we go again.  I call it the Spring Tease.  Just when plants are beginning to sprout and the warm weather hits….big time….it teases us with a mention of snow!  The cold front here in Ohio and across the north has moved in for a few days.  If you have already put plants out in […]

Please – Don’t Drown Me

I’ve been wanting to write something on this subject for some time now. Finally, I have a bit of time to address the subject of water depth for bog plants and marginal plants. Simply put, bog plants like their “feet” wet. Translation….roots and soil moist at all times.  When the plants are first planted, this […]

Marsh Marigolds – Planting

Marsh marigolds are one of the first bog plants that will appear in your pond in the spring.  Little yellow flowers with dark green leaves.  Here is a picture of how you can plant them around your pond right in the rocks around your pond,  bog area, along edges of your waterfall or in a […]

Marsh Marigolds (Caltha palustris)

Spring is here and one of the first flowers to awaken in your pond is the Marsh Marigolds.   With dark glossy green leaves, bright and cheerful deep yellow flowers, we get excited by the upcoming flourish of flowers in our ponds.  Marsh marigolds only bloom in the spring but in some cooler climates they may have a re-bloom.  If […]