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Dwarf Papyrus

One of our most popular bog plants is the Dwarf Papyrus.  I think its an unusual looking plant and adds alot of dimension to the pond.  It always seems to grow well and is one pond plant that is easy to grow and attend to.  The Dwarf Papyrus is a good bog plant to create […]

Tropical Sunrise Canna

Tropical Sunrise Canna is one of the showiest cannas I’ve seen. New this year for us it produces large apricot and pink blooms. It has deep green foliage and grows to about 3 feet tall.  It is an early bloomer and will continue to bloom throughout the season. Cannas are considered tropical and need to […]

Star Grass

Introducing a New plant for 2009.  Star Grass (Dichromena colorata)  A tiny white star shaped flower appears atop grasslike leaves with  a bold center.  This bog plant grows to 24-36 inches tall.  It grows well in bogs or in a pot with about 2 inches or less of water above the top of the pot.  […]