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Customer’s Pond

 Cooler temperatures are the thing again with a slight freeze in Ohio.  I tend to feel drained when the days are rainy but that sunshine sure makes one feel good again!  We turned the garden over this week and that’s the last of the tomatoes until next year.  I do really enjoy the garden and the benefits of […]


I wish it would rain, we need it.  This is the Rain Lily that finally decided to start showing off its stuff.  They say they bloom alot after a rain but seeing rain isn’t in the forecast for awhile I can’t say if it will bloom more then or not.   These Rain Lilies are such […]

Fall & Winter Care of Tropical Bog Plants

Many of the tropical bog plants will winter well indoors in a sunny window or under a flouresant grow light. They do not need to be submerged in water. Keep the soil constantly moist by placing the potted plants in a tray of water.

Black Magic Taro(Colocasia esculenta)

A stunning taro plant is the Black Magic with its charcoal black leaves, it will create a tropical look to your pond.  It grows to 2′ – 3′ tall and loves lots of fertilizer.  They do well in hot, humid weather and will grow large leaves if not left in the hot afternoon sun.  Full sun […]