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Fall & Winter Care of Tropical Water Lilies

Tropical lilies are usually treated as an annual. They will continue to grow and produce blooms until the temperatures fall below 60 degrees. If you choose to try over-wintering your tropical water lily, moving the potted plant into a greenhouse is the most successful. Another method is to re-pot the lily in a 6” pot […]

Star of Zanzibar

Star of Zanzibar was introduced to water gardening public in 2002. One of my all time favorite tropical day blooming water lilies. Star of Zanzibar has large (5″-6″) dark blue flowers with as many as 40 petals per bloom.  Heavily variegated leaves with splashes of maroon can reach up to 14″ across.  This tropical lily […]

Green Smoke Water Lily

This is one of our favorites!  The ‘Green Smoke’ tropical water lily is an outstanding color of chartreuse with smoky blue tips.  Its leaves are lightly speckled, bronze-green and the blooms of the ‘Green Smoke’ are 6-8 inches held high above the water that are platter shaped.It will spread 5-6 feet on the water surface.  […]

‘Albert Greenburg’ Tropical Lily

A popular tropical lily is the ‘Albert Greenburg’.  Its colors are outstanding and its leaves of mottled colors of burgundy and green bring additional colors to your pond.  A tropical lily will tolerate a wide range in soil and water pH, but they do best in a neutral to slightly acidic condition.  Tropical lilies thrive in water […]

Planting Tropical Lilies

I spent the day taking pictures of planting a tropical lily from our greenhouse to demonstrate how easily this can be done.  Start with a nice size pot.  I used a 16″x7″ small lotus/lily container.  The first picture is an example of one of our lilies that you would receive on your order.  It’s considered a […]