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Fall/Winter Maintenance Series

Well, I personally do not want to believe it…..but, the calendar does not lie! It’s September 21st, and fall is scheduled to arrive tomorrow. With that being said, there are some things you will want to do to ensure your pond and aquatic inhabitants survive the Winter ahead. Before winter arrives, you will want to […]


Isn’t the sound of a waterfall a sound of pure relaxation.  This is a waterfall created and designed by Appalachian Dreams.   Its just one of many of his creations.  There are many ways to create that space in your yard that brings pure enjoyment and relaxation.

Summer Bliss

I thought we would share some pictures of ponds that I have taken over the summer.  Its interesting to see what can be done with a water garden. A water feature can become an artful addition to any landscape.  A water feature should complement and enhance the landscape, fitting into the surrounding scheme and placed […]

Achieving Pond Nirvana – Six Plants For Your Pond

There are five different types of plants that you will want to add to your pond to provide beauty and help you achieve an ecological balance in your water garden.   Submerged Plants Submerged plants such as Anacharis, Vallisneria, Cabomba, Hornwort and Red Ludwigia remove nutrients from the water so algae can’t thrive. Submerged plants do […]

Pond Plants and Surviving the Unpredictable Spring Season

Ah! It’s finally Spring, or so we think. Mother Nature has a way of tricking even the most experienced water gardener. We finally have a week of warm temperatures, things are coming alive in our ponds. After months of rain, sleet, snow and ice we are all ecstatic. Armed with our pond gloves, waders and […]

Spring Cleaning Your Pond

We have been waiting all winter for spring to arrive and can hardly wait to spend time enjoying our water gardens again. The transition from winter to spring can bring new challenges in the water garden. However, with a little work and a lot of patience, your pond will again return to its sparkling, clear magical […]

Sensitive Plant

Sensitive Plant (Neptunia aquatica) is another floating plant that gets a tiny yellow flower on it.  Its foliage contracts at the slightest touch.  The flowers are yellow tufts that are about 1 inch wide and bloom throughout the summer on its running stems.  It does great just floating in your pond or you can plant […]