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Continuing to prepare for winter…

HARDY LOTUS As the lotus leaves begin to turn brown, the lotus is beginning to go dormant for the winter. Do not cut off the leaves; allow them to die back naturally. After they die back at this point, it is safe to cut them off above the water line.  Its important to leave a […]

Water Hyacinth

     Water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes) are known for their lavender-blue flowers and round floating leaves.  They grow quickly in warm water.  They are a welcome addition to your water garden for their ability to filter out unwanted nutrients.  The flowers only last a day or two but are enjoyable and create a nice feature in […]

Floating Plants

     Water gardening is easy with floating plants.   Just place in the water and they drift effortlessly in your pond.  The roots of floating plants dangle down into the water where they draw nutrients for the plant’s growth.  Floating plants provide shade for your pond while creating a place for fish to hide under to […]