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Summer heat

This has been a hot summer so far. Its important if you have fish in your pond that you make sure the water isn’t too warm for them. As your water evaporates replenish with cool water. Your fish will be happy! The tropical waterlilies sure are blooming up a storm in my pond.     […]

Just can’t believe…..fall

   Official its Fall now…..the other day it was 88 degrees out….today its 52 degrees and looks like fall.  Chill in the air, cloudy skies and rain off and on.  I still need a few more nice warm days before settling in for the dreaded winter months.    I still have to prepare my pond for winter….I always […]

Poor Lily Performance

As the weather warms up and we begin to assess what plants we want to add to our ponds this spring, make sure you check out your hardy water lilies to see if they are in need of re-potting. Adding Highland Rim Fertilizer tablets at this time is also a must do. Water lilies need to […]

Fall & Winter Care of Hardy Water Lilies

With the lower temperatures during the fall season, you will notice a decrease in water lily blooms and the lily pads turning yellow as the water temperatures cool. It is important at this time to remove the dead leaves and spent blooms to avoid having the debris in the pond over winter. As winter approaches […]

Too Hot

The weather has been pretty hot lately.  The tropical lilies are blooming like crazy.  If you’ve been having hot weather lately you may want to keep adding some fresh cold water to your ponds.  This replenishes the water loss through evaporation and also gives your fish some fresh water.  We all look forward to the […]

Bugs on Plants

As any gardener knows, after the planting is finished there is  always work to be done in the garden.  I recently had some little white bugs on my Spider Lily and  thought I would share my remedy for this. There are alot of products on the market for killing aphids that sometimes find our plants in […]

Essential Summer Pond Care

There are some essential tasks to take care of during the summer while enjoying your pond.  Water plants can outgrow their containers during the warm summer months. If your waterlilies are covering too much pond surface, simply prune outer leaves of the lily down to half their spread. You will want to remove dead lily pads […]

Achieving Pond Nirvana – Six Plants For Your Pond

There are five different types of plants that you will want to add to your pond to provide beauty and help you achieve an ecological balance in your water garden.   Submerged Plants Submerged plants such as Anacharis, Vallisneria, Cabomba, Hornwort and Red Ludwigia remove nutrients from the water so algae can’t thrive. Submerged plants do […]

Planting Profile of a Hardy Lily

When you plant a hardy water lily you want to first place the tuber at a 45 degree angle with the non-growing end against the side of the pot.  Add aquatic fertilizer tablets right in front of the crown (growing end) of the tuber.  Hardy lilies are heavy feeders and should be fertilized about every […]

Dividing & Planting Hardy Water Lilies

Here it is Spring….the task begins for us water gardeners.  Clean the pond, check the water, make sure pumps are working properly, tell the fish “I know you think your hungry,  but I cannot feed you until the water temperatures get a little higher…” and then the task of dividing those water lilies to start new ones.  […]