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Approaching end of summer

It won’t be long and summer will be over.  I already notice a difference with the days getting shorter.  It has started to cool off some from the hot weather we’ve been having.  All is doing well in the pond and it won’t be long and the garden will be finished.  I canned the first […]

Spring & New Water Lilies

I’m not certain what happened to Spring here but I think it may have been here but we missed it……yesterday little snow flakes were appearing and in a couple days its going to be in the 70s.  What’s up with that??? But even though we’re all anxious for the weather to turn nice so we […]

Aurora (Nymphaea ‘Aurora’ Hardy Water Lily

‘Aurora’  hardy water lily is an ideal smaller water lily for tub, containers or small ponds.  This is also a great small lily to put into a stream or bog area as long as there isn’t splashing of water.    Attractive purplish and green leaves give this lily a stunning look.  The buds appear cream colored and open to […]

Star of Zanzibar

Star of Zanzibar was introduced to water gardening public in 2002. One of my all time favorite tropical day blooming water lilies. Star of Zanzibar has large (5″-6″) dark blue flowers with as many as 40 petals per bloom.  Heavily variegated leaves with splashes of maroon can reach up to 14″ across.  This tropical lily […]

Barbara Dobbins Hardy Water Lily

The Barbara Dobbins is a popular hardy water lily.  Peach from pale yellow with a deeper pink blush.  A truly outstanding lily.  Its goblet shaped blooms are about 4-8 inches and has mottled leaves.  It will grow to 6-8 feet wide in full sun.  It should be planted in 6-24 inches of water and is […]

Green Smoke Water Lily

This is one of our favorites!  The ‘Green Smoke’ tropical water lily is an outstanding color of chartreuse with smoky blue tips.  Its leaves are lightly speckled, bronze-green and the blooms of the ‘Green Smoke’ are 6-8 inches held high above the water that are platter shaped.It will spread 5-6 feet on the water surface.  […]

Nymphaea ‘Escarboucle’ (Sny.Nymphaea ‘Aflame’

The hardy water lily is considered one of the favorites among the red hardy lilies.  It is a deep crimson color with leaves that are large, rounded and plain green.  It can produce flowers up to 12 inches across but usually are about 8 inches inches and is fragrant. Give it plenty of room to grow so […]

‘Colorado’ Hardy Water Lily

A stunning peach waterlily that is a favorite.  It changes during the blooming season, first opening in the spring a yellow with pink and then changing to a smoked salmon color in the summer.  It has cactus-shaped blooms that will get 4-6 inches.  The new leaves on this lily open mottled with burgundy, and then […]