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    Its been a crazy pond year so far.  First our weather didn't want to cooperate and get warm but then when the weather started getting warmer we were so busy I didn't have alot of time to write yet alone get my pond going.

    We decided to redo our pond this year, again, as my husband would say.   It was a long weekend project but its complete now and with a few minor changes here and there will be so much better than the old one.  Mostly the problem I had with the other one was all the rocks in the pond which made it hard getting in and out.  Pretty we decided to remove all the rocks and make the shelf larger and the bottom flat instead of sloped around the edges.  Much easier for getting in and out for the tasks of trimming plants and fertilizing them.  We changed our waterfall to enter from a different angle with a long stream bed flowing into the pond.  Much more tranquil and natural.  This will still give me a nice bog area to plant bog plants in.   Its been a couple weeks and the plants are finally starting to adjust.  Now just need to get the bacteria going to clear it up more. What a difference one month makes!

    I started this blog a couple weeks ago and then things got busy so now I have updated pictures of the pond and wow did it perform.  Everything is growing well and I must say the plants and fish are happy. The water is crystal clear and the plants are looking so healthy.  I already see a lotus bud on the Mrs. Perry Slocum in just 4 weeks time. Check out my Albert Greenberg.

    I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving with family and friends, and of course, a delicious meal. 

    I finally put all my plants to bed for the winter and covered the pond.  It looks bare, but the fish all seem happy, even with the cooler water.  It has been a long fall, so we have been lucky so far.  Normally this time of year, we have already had our first snow and temperatures well below 40 degrees.  Daytime temperatures have been  averaging around 45 degrees to 55 degrees, with a bit more sun then Ohio usually sees, this time of year. Lucky so far,  but what will winter bring.....

    A couple of weeks ago,  I noticed I had a few lilies starting to get green, Aquatic For-Get-Me Nots  still blooming and Cannas that refuse to die back so I can store them for the winter......they all must be a bit confused.  Snow and more seasonable temperatures are forecast for the end of this week, that should send the rest of the plants, that have been hanging on into dormancy.

    I read an interesting article about algae that I thought I'd share.  It mentioned putting barley straw in your pond during the winter to help control algae.  I put a couple barley bundles  in my pond, to see if it makes a difference in the spring.  Water gardeners will do almost anything to keep that nasty algae from growing.  As soon as temperatures begin to warm in the spring, before the water lilies send up their first few leaves, the algae seems to re-appear on the waterfalls, sides of the pond and in the stream beds.  Barley does not kill algae, it prohibits it from growing. From everything I have read, and talking to customers that use either the barley bundles, barley extract or barley straw pellets, it does the trick! Next spring....hopefully no more algae!

    I honestly love fall, but I am always sad to see the temperatures dropping and the flowers, plants and pond getting ready to go to sleep for several months. All is well at this point, lilies are still blooming, the impatiens I planted in the stream-bed are magnificent still, but sadly I know it will come to an abrupt end! Now is the time to start planning our approach to fall care of the pond to help all of our endeavors this past summer survive the winter ahead. Check out our website under Pond Supplies to order fall supplies to prepare for the winter months. Covering the pond with pond netting helps keep out the majority of the leaves that will fall in your yard and inevitably end up at the bottom of your pond.  Make sure to order Microbe-Lift Autumn/Winter Prep to help accelerate the breakdown of leaves, sludge and other organic matter during the winter months. It helps jump start your pond to a healthier environment in the spring, and also helps maintain a healthy immune system for your fish during the winter. I will be elaborating on the importance of fall maintenance in the coming weeks. Until then, enjoy the upcoming Labor Day Weekend, make sure you spend some time enjoying your pond......the countdown has started.....winter is right around the corner! Unfortunately!

    Isn't the sound of a waterfall a sound of pure relaxation.  This is a waterfall created and designed by Appalachian Dreams.   Its just one of many of his creations.  There are many ways to create that space in your yard that brings pure enjoyment and relaxation.