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    Woke up this morning with a chill in the air....gone for a few days are the 80 degree temps.  This is what we woke up to this morning.

    The leaves are even beginning to fall with the wind blowing.  I guess we all know what is in store for us for the next couple months.

    Another Red Scarf bud is starting to open in my pond.  I find I enjoy the pond plants even more towards the end of the season.  It's such a pretty lotus bud.

    I probably should get out my sweatshirts and sweaters now.  I love fall with its beautiful colors when the leaves begin to turn but don't look forward to what comes after....snow.  There are a few things we can start doing to our ponds now since the days are numbered.  Here's a list of some fall and winter pond plant care items for the hardy pond plants.  


    With the lower temperatures during the fall season, you will notice a decrease in water lily blooms and the lily pads turning yellow as the water temperatures cool. It is important at this time to remove the dead leaves and spent blooms to avoid having the debris in the pond over winter. As winter approaches and water temperatures drop, the water lily will go dormant. Remove all dead lily pads and lower the potted lily to the deepest part of the pond or to a water depth of about two feet.


    As long as the submerged plants are below the ice, they will usually survive the winter. Any part of the plant that is allowed to freeze will turn to mush and add unwanted debris to the pond. It is wise to cut these plants back and sink below the surface.


    Once your hardy marginal plants begin to brown, usually after the first hard frost, prune back excess foliage and discard any decaying material, so it does not compromise the water quality over the winter months.  Potted bog plants such as Pickeral and Thalia Dealbata should be placed at a sufficient depth to avoid freezing the crown of the plant. Plants such as Japanese Variegated Iris and Cardinal Flower should be removed from the pond and planted in the yard for the winter. When new growth begins in the Spring, they can be placed back in the pond for the summer. Most of the other hardy bog plants can be left as they are and will return the following spring.