Bog Bean

Bog Bean (Menyanthes trifoliata)

A favorite hardy bog plant is the Bog Bean.  It has large, three leaves that are veined.  The foliage forms a creeping rhizome that floats out onto the water.  The flowers are pink clusters that open to white, star-shaped blooms that are highly fragrant.  The flowers will appear late April through July whereas the foliage will appear lush throughout the whole season. The flower stalks will stand 2-6 inches high above the leaves which are about 3 inches high.  It does best if planted in 1 – 3 inches of water and will then creep out onto your water surface, extending 3′ to 5′.   It prefers full sun to part shade and is hardy in  zones 2-7 and should be kept in the water throughout the winter even if it freezes. 

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