Busy Season

Well our busy season is upon us and we’re excited about the plants we’re sending.  We have several new pond plants this year.  A couple new lotus, waterlilies and bog plants.  Check them out at our store, www.dragonflyaquatics.com

I often get questions about whether to use water lettuce or water hyacinths as floaters in the pond.  They both basically serve the same purpose. 

Water lettuce  (Pistia stratiotes) has light green spongy leaves that looked as if they have veins running through them.   The leaves are approximately 1-5″ wide.   The leaves are covered with tiny hairs and occasionally tiny white flowers appear in the center.  Water lettuce prefers partial shade during the hotest part of the day and once the water warms up will multiply quickly.  Their dangling roots provide a place for fish to hid.  Water lettuce can be very aggressive and can deplete the oxygen in the water if you let it take over your entire pond.  So its a good idea to take out some if they start to multiply rapidly.  Water temperature should be 60 – 65 degrees before placing water lettuce in your pond as it will turn the leaves white and they will die. 

 Water Hyacinth – Eichornia crassipes) A floating plant that is a fast grower and beneficial for water filtration.  They have bright green rounded leaves and will get a purple flower on them throughout the season.  Water hyacinth have dangling roots that help filter and clean the water.  We have alot of customers who ordered water hyacinths first in the spring to provide shade immediately to help prevent growth of algae.  It takes other plants such as water lilies longer to produce their leaves to help provide the coverage needed.  When you first receive your water hyacinths you want to put them in shade for a day before adding them to your pond in direct sun or the leaves will turn brown.  They need to soak water up in their leaves.  Again make sure your water temperatures are 60 – 65 degrees before placing in your pond.

2 thoughts on “Busy Season

  1. Denise says:

    can you over winter the hyacinth? we live in Ohio. Also do I need to cut back the iris before winter?
    Thank You so much for your assistance.

    • dragonfly says:

      Wintering over water hyacinths isn’t easy in Ohio. You would put them in a container of water, making sure your change the water frequently and give them as much light as possible. That usually is lacking in wintering them over. Ohio doesn’t get enough sunlight during the winter which they need. Iris can be cut back before winter. I usually trim mine back some and then when the new growth starts in the spring I trim off all the dead foliage.

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