Chameleon Plant (Houttuynia cordata variegeta)

The Chameleon Hardy Bog Plant is a variegated interesting plant.  The foliage is fragrant and single, small white flowers appear on it in the summer.  They look like single petaled roses.  The heart shaped leaves turn in the fall, as the weather turns cooler, into a dark maroon-purple color which is very striking.  It is a very rampant runner in moist soil, which it prefers, and will grow in a dense mass.  A good plant for around waterfalls, in a bog area or tucked around rocks. 

The plant will grow to approximately 6 inches high and fill out nicely.  Hardy in zones 5 – 11, but will not tolerate a freeze in the winter.  It should be submerged to the depths of the pond or can be mulched into the perennial border of your pond. 

This hardy bog plant will add a nice color to your pond garden.

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