Dwarf Cattails

Dwarf Cattails are popular with most of our customers.  They are ideal for smaller ponds and container water gardens as well as the regular ponds.  They grow in sun to part shade in moist soil or water to just 5 inches deep.  Dwarf cattails grow to only about 36 inches in height and do well in Zones 3-10 and will tolerate water over their crown.   The foliage on the dwarf cattail is very narrow and it has small catkins.    Cattails can be grown from seed, but they propagate quickly from dividing their rhizomes.

One thought on “Dwarf Cattails

  1. stephanie says:

    If the “pond” (a low point in our yard that collects water during the non summer season) dries out in the summer will this plant still survive and come back in the fall when the rain begins again? Can it survive a daily watering like other plants? We live on Vancouver Island, in case this helps you.

    thanks so much

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