Dwarf Papyrus

One of our most popular bog plants is the Dwarf Papyrus.  I think its an unusual looking plant and adds alot of dimension to the pond.  It always seems to grow well and is one pond plant that is easy to grow and attend to.  The Dwarf Papyrus is a good bog plant to create a tub garden or tabletop pond.  I have one growing in a ceramic pot on my patio and it does well. 

The papyrus grows in sun to part shade and likes moist soil and can tolerate water up to 4 inches deep.  Its considered hardy Zones 8-11 but can easily be wintered over indoors.  As long as you keep the plant in 50 degrees and above it will be fine.  You may watch for mealybugs as they will sometimes appear on the plant during the winter but can easily be treated. 

They grow 12-18 inches high with a spread of 6-12 inches.  To start other plants take the seeds and put in wet soil or propagate from the viviparous top fronds.  You’ll soon have other plants to place in your pond. 

If you like larger plants you can go for the Dwarf Giant Papyrus (Cyperus percamenthus) which will grow about 3 feet high.  There is also the Egyptian Papyrus (Cyperus papyrus) which can grow to 8 feet high. 

Whichever Papyrus you chose it is a unique pond plant for your pond.

2 thoughts on “Dwarf Papyrus

  1. Julie says:

    Hi I just bought two dwarf giant papyrus and was wondering how to plant them in containers? What kind of soil do I use? how big a container? I know nothing about these but I just loved the look. Any help would be appreciated.
    Thank you, Julie

    • dragonfly says:

      Hi Julie….just use a clay dirt just like your would use for a water lily. I usually use at least a 2 gallon container. Place them in your pond with just a inch or two of water above the top of the container. They are really easy to grow. Thanks!

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