Fall & Winter Care of Lotus

As the lotus leaves begin to turn brown, the lotus is beginning to go dormant for the winter. Do not cut off the leaves; allow them to die back naturally. At this point, it is safe to cut them off above the water line. You do not want water getting down the hollow green stem and having it get into the air channels of the tuber, if this happens you risk drowning the tuber, which will cause it to rot. Make sure the potted lotus is below the ice. Allowing the tuber to freeze will kill the plant.

3 thoughts on “Fall & Winter Care of Lotus

  1. david depalma says:

    Can i dig out the tuber and put it in a styro-foam container with my water lillies ?? i would usually use peat moss or packing peanuts in the container and store in garage which is usually cold and dry.

    • dragonfly says:

      Yes you can do it that way. The important thing it to make sure you trim back all foliage after it has died and turned brown. You don’t want to trim it while the stems are still green as this makes the plant susceptible to diseases. If you trim leaves etc while they are still green just make sure water doesn’t enter the stems or fungal infections can harm or kill the plant. Another way to winter them is to take the container and bury it in the ground under a mound of soil or mulch to protect the lotus from the frost. So you need to know what your frost level is in the ground and make sure its below that. But this can be alot work. Or you can just leave it until after a couple hard frosts and then bring it indoors and keep it in a cool, dark place. Check every so often to make sure the soil stays moist. In the spring add water to the container and keep indoors in a sunny, warm place and take outdoors only when warm until all danger of a frost has passed. That way it begins the process of growing before placing it outdoors for the summer.

  2. david depalma says:

    one more question ? The lotus is now putting out light green leaves,versus the dark green ones ! they look like spidery veins and like theres’ no chlorphyl ! i’ve been fertilizing ! 6 tabs for the 18 gallon container !

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