Graceful Cattails

Graceful Cattails, Typha angustifolia are similar to your regular Common Cattail other than its leaves.  They are more narrow leafed than the standard and the foliage arches and sways gracefully in the breeze.  An elegant bog pond plant and is suitable for any pond or large container water garden.  They will grow 4-6 feet tall and their catkins are very thin.  The foliage makes an attractive cutting for any floral arrangement. 

Graceful Cattails grow in sun to part shade in moist soil to water 12 inches deep and do well in Zones 3-11.  They don’t mind having water above their crown even during winter months and tolerate freezing temperatures well.  Again Graceful Cattails are the same as other cattails and will propagate quickly from division of the rhizomes or easily grown by seed.

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