love winter..

I can’t say I dislike winter….when it snows everything looks so pretty but then this winter has been pretty nice so far.  Temperatures are in the 50s today and the SUN is shinning.  Unusual for January in Ohio.  The pond is frozen but only a thin layer and the fish aren’t moving much although I can catch a glimpse of them sometimes.


So while I continue to knit away the hours I keep thinking about spring…..changes to the pond… plants to offer…..what plants are thriving in the greenhouse. When the planting season ends things begin happening in the greenhouse.  With seedlings and dividing of plants there is alot of do to get ready for the following season.  Put on the gloves, play in the dirt,  then watch the plants begin to grow.

 It won’t be long and most of us will begin the task of spring cleaning our ponds.  While there is still alot of activity in the warmer climates those of us in the north continue to wait.  Being a mild winter thus far only makes us more anxious for spring.


4 thoughts on “love winter..

  1. james says:

    Not sure where in Ohio you are, I am in Upstate, NY…Syracuse specifically.
    Can you tell me your feelings on draining and cleaning the pond in Spring? I am getting such conflicting opinions that I’m totally confused. Personally, I would like to avoid doing so, I have tried to create a very natural pond,and would really like to keep it that way, however several places that I have done reading are suggesting that I drain and scrub the pond out….
    Your thoughts?

    • dragonfly says:

      James, Its not necessary to drain and clean a pond. Its personnal preference. Think of a creek. It naturally stays clear just by having bacteria and plants in it. If you have a good filtering system, plants that help with the clarity of the pond, such as submerged plants, good bacteria and at least one half of your pond surface covered with plants to help prevent algae it can naturally keep itself clean.

  2. james says:

    Thanks much. I am running a aquascapes with a biofalls. The pond is 5100 gallons…and right now Spring has sprung here in Syracuse. The water is pretty brown, but not green at all. I have added a huge dose of bacteria(dry) and a normal dose of liquid. I just ordered some anacharis to put at the bottom of the pond, I’m assuming that will also help. There is a very big build up of algae on the rocks and on the side of the pond. I have tried to clean out the bottom of the pond cmopletely, so there are very few leaves etc on the bottom. I’ve been trying to stir it up a little bit here and there so the filter will catch some more of the debris.
    I’ve been cleaning the filter pads out every day.
    Any other tricks???

  3. Rocky says:

    I just was told yesterday there is a new product out that will clean you rocks. Soon as i find out what it is I will post it. The brown color in your water may just be Pollen atleast it is here.

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