MicrobeLift PL

Microbe-Lift PL is the product most often used to maintain the natural biological and chemical balance of your pond in all seasons.  We’ve talked about the Spring/Summer Cleaner which works wonders in accelerating the breakdown of leaves, twigs and other accumulated dead organic waste.  The Microbe-Lift PL is formulated for decorative ponds and is easy to use.

MicrobeLift PL creates a cleaner environment for your pond, promoting faster fish growth and reduces ammonia nitrogen levels. It helps dissolve away organic sludge and seeds and maintains biological filters. It reduces buildup of bird droppings, fish feed and dead leaves and will also break down dead algae.  Reduces hydrogen sulfide, which creates strong, offensive odors.  Improves dissolved oxygen levels and is effective over a wide range of pH conditions.

Its application depends on the size of water feature/pond you have.  Shake the bottle well before using and add the amount of product indicated on the container for the size of pond you have.  You can spread it around the edges of your pond or apply in one location.  It will become distributed more quickly in a larger pond if applied in different areas.

The application rates depend on the size of pond you have. The recommendations are as follows:


WATER FEATURE                           (ONCE WKLY)   (ONCE MONTHLY)



50 – 200                        8 oz               2 oz                 2 oz

201-500                       10  oz             3 oz                 3 oz

501-1,000                    12 oz              4 oz                 4 oz

1,000-5,000                 16 oz              6 oz                 6 oz

5,001-10,000               18 oz              8 oz                 8 oz

You can store Microbe-Lift PL for approximately 2 years if unopened and for 1 year if opened and store in a dark cool area.

By establishing and maintaining a healthy balance in the pond, and by removing organic waste matter, your water will obtain clarity. 

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