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    Green Maiden Lotus

    Signs of spring 2011.  We're excited about the new lotus we have this year.  We try to add one or two new a year.  The new lotus for Dragonfly Aquatics are great lotus for those smaller ponds and containers.  The Green Maiden and and Snow White.  But sorry no Seven Dwarfs. 

    The flowers on the Green Maiden change from the first day from a soft pink to a pale yellow by the third day, similar to the Mrs. Perry D. Slocum only much smaller.  The Green Maiden makes a perfect lotus for tub gardens and small ponds.  It will grow 1' to 3' tall with  flowers 2" - 3" across and its leaves will grow 18" to 20" across.  Hardy zone 4 or higher, less than zone 4 with winter protection. 

    Snow White Lotus

    Snow White of China orgin is the perfect lotus for bowls and small containers with or without a pond.  Double creamy white blooms of 3 - 5 inches with leaves of 6 - 12 inches and a height of 1 - 2 feet.  It can be planted in a pond or just plant in a container at least 2 gallons or bigger with water 2 inches up to 10 inches deep.  This lotus is considered a true bowl lotus.   It is hardy zones 4 - 11.

    In March we begin the task of harvesting the lotus tubers for the season.  All lotus varieties are available for shipping.  Lotus tubers are pulled while they are still dormant. The lotus tubers we sell at Dragonfly Aquatics have at least three or more growing tips, sometimes more depending on the variety. The tubers are kept in the dormant state in cold water until it is time to ship to your zone. Once the lotus tuber is placed in 65 - 70 degree water in the sun, it will begin to grow once again. Most varieties will bloom the first season.

    You can read about planting lotus on our blog at

    Check out the lotus on our site.