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A floating, rootless aquatic fern that floats just below the water surface producing a pair of floating or emergent leaves that are green in color and oblong in shape. They have a third leaf that is brown in color and dangles underwater sometimes mistaken as a root but helps to stabilize the plant.  The plant itself has no roots but tiny white hairs beneath the leaves. 

2 thoughts on “Salvinia

  1. Theresa L says:

    Hi. I have 2 hardy water lilies that are producing leaves well but when they get full and floating, they start turning black and rot. I planted them in good garden media recommended by pond sites and check my water all the time. Any ideas of what is causing this? my fountain and spitter splatters the leaves some and I wondered if this could cause the problem. my pond is 4 x 8 and I have hyacinths too that the fish have pulled most of the roots off and they are also turning brown. I have put them in the floating plant protectors to try to save them. Any suggestions will be helpful.

    • dragonfly says:

      You might try checking the minerals in your water. This could be causing the problems with your lilies. Also waterlilies like still water so the splashing from the fountain wouldn’t be good. If you can try moving them to an area where the water won’t splash them. Some fish do eat the roots from water hyacinths and this will cause them to die back. You could take a few out of your pond and put them in a container of water until the roots grow back and then put them back in your pond in the protectors. Add alittle fertilizer like miracle grow to the water to help them grow quicker. Hope this helps.

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