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    There are all sorts of tabletop gardens and fountains available for purchase, but it is possible to take a favorite bowl and turn it into a miniature water garden.  When selecting a container, almost anything will work. Just make sure your container is watertight and will hold enough water so the pump won't run dry. It needs to be at least 3 inches deep to keep the pump hidden. Following is a list of what you will need:

    * A vase, bowl or tub at least 3 inches deep

    * A  small pump approximately 65 GPH

    * Shells, polished rocks, marbles or other material to fill the reservoir

    * Silicone Caulk (Clear), to fill the hole around the pump, if needed

    * Two or three aquatic plants, or more if your container is large

    STEP ONE: After selecting your container, drill a hole in the bottom of the container and push the pump cord through it.  Seal around the hole with clear silicone caulk, so the water won't leak out.

    STEP TWO: The pump should be sitting in the bottom of the container, place the stones or marbles around it to camouflage the pump.

    STEP THREE: Fill the container with four to six inches of water and turn the pump on. If necessary, adjust the pump flow, using the flow valve switch located on the side or bottom of most small pumps. Make sure the water does not spray over the sides of the container.

    STEP FOUR: Place aquatic plants in the container, making sure they are clear of the pump. If you include some potted pond plants, use stones or rocks to prevent the plants from tipping over.

    SUGGESTED POND PLANTS: You do not want to over-plant with plants if the container is small. If working with a small container, I suggest a miniature water lily such as Helvola, then fill in with a handful of Azolla or Duckweed, which will create a nice carpet upon which to view the lily. If you have a larger container, you can choose several plants, some taller, such as Dwarf Umbrella Palm, with some small-leafed plants such as Water Poppy or Four Leaf Clover.

    Once your project is complete, find a nice home for your newly created masterpiece, preferably somewhere with ample sunlight, such as a patio or three season room, and sit back and enjoy the sounds of water and the magic of your mini water garden!