Water Lettuce

When putting floating water lettuce in your pond you need to make sure the water temps are 65 degrees or above.  This is a picture of what happens to lettuce if put in water temperatures that are below that. 

We often get anxious to start up our ponds in the spring.  Especially since we need to get some coverage on it to prevent algae and get some protection for our fish.  But we need to be patient and introduce those plants when the water temperatures warm  up.   

This is a cooler spring than normal with cold spells popping up in states that normally are warm by now.  We may have hardy water lilies in our ponds that have sprouted already.  Their leaves are reaching the top of the pond  but they have been dormant in the cold water through the winter and now are reaching for the warm sun.  The water lettuce has been in a nice warm greenhouse prior to your pond and needs to have the warmer water to flourish. 

Thanks to one of our customers for sharing his picture.

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